Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hospital Architecture

Having recently been sent out to the wonderful Peterborough for part of my paed's training I am feeling rather bummed. The hospital at Peterborough is the worst aesthetically that I've ever had the pleasure to go to. From the moment I walked in the front entrance and smelt the all too familiar mix of vomit, piss and other assorted bodily fluids which would normally be hanging around Birmingham New Street I felt like I had been sent back in time. This time warping effect was not a pleasant one as I had been sent back in time to one of the periods in time when people thought building shit buildings was a good idea. (I generally think that the old Victorian hospitals, if renovated respectfully, can be very aesthetically pleasing with their high ceilings and impractical fire escapes.) Here’s a wonderful picture that improves thoroughly on what it actually looks like to be there.

Thankfully for the residents of Peterborough they shall be getting a new one which looks pretty outstanding.

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