Friday, 16 April 2010


Now this post is intended to talk about the films which I have recently watched. The films in question being American Gangster, The Men who Stare at Goats and also Let the right one in. I had heard good things about all three of these films and so when I got the opportunity to watch them I did. American Gangster I'd say was a fairly reasonable film although compared to The Wire and also the sublime Godfather trilogy it seemed a little bit lacking. It had an enjoyable story line featuring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, as a drug supplying crimelord and a policeman respectively. The main themes are of Denzel Washington's characters’ rise for power and the massive corruption in the Police force, with a major deal being done at the end to see off a large number of crooked cops. My main problem with the film was that it had Russell Crowe in it. Booo!!!

The next film I saw was The Men who stare at Goats, which I felt was a funny and entertaining film but nothing special. Certainly an interesting premise although most of the characters seemed to buy into all the paranormal stuff far too easily.

Also is the film Let the Right One in. This is a film about a young, blond boy who seems to be lonely and suffering at the hand of a trio of bullies. The bullying can be very uncomfortable to watch and you feel yourself wanting to shout at them and tell him to stand up to them. In all fairness to him though he seems to take the physical pain they inflict on him fairly well. He meets a nice girl who he has a bit of a thing for and who has amazing rubix cube abilities, adding that to the list of Vampiric skills. The rest of the story plays out with the two of them becoming very close, her murdering a large number of people indiscriminately and the two running off on a train together in the end. Aaaaaaaaww. (Watch it subtitled, I made the mistake of watching it dubbed.)

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